About us

Owner representative

GalCap Europe is the specialized real estate investment manager for Austria and Central & Eastern Europe (CEE).  As a leading platform for the region, GalCap Europe dedicates its full attention to serving clients in:
*             Investment & Asset Management for properties in Austria and CEE
*             Real Estate Mergers & Acquisitions
*             Private Equity Structures

Based in Vienna and operating across the CEE region, GalCap Europe guides its clients through the entire investment cycle in order to reach their investment goals. We perform a wide range of services in the area of real estate management. It starts from strategic allocation and structuring, to sourcing and acquisition of suitable properties, value-enhancing asset management and successful exit from the investment.

Property manager

Addval Kft. has been active on the Hungarian real estate market since 2001. The company manages a diverse portfolio of properties in Budapest and its surroundings, more than 150,000 m2 for international clients and investors. It offers a full range of services from property development and utilization to planning, engineering, project management, asset – property – technical management and leasing. Main references: Central Udvar, Ausztria Ház, Corner6 Business Center, iCorner, Merkúr Palota, Krausz Palota, Optima A irodaház.