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About the building


Merkur Palace is located on the Nagymező street in the 6th district, right in the heart of Budapest. A beautiful historic estate gives home to the office building with great transportation. The overall reconstruction in 2009 resulted in a modern, but authentic building of 5600 sqm, including state of the art offices, 8 loft apartments, ample storage spaces and also the uniquely designed Apacuka Restaurant/Café which boasts of an outstanding kitchen. During the day, the restaurant caters exclusively for the tenants and opens up to the public from 16.00 o’clock. The layout and the equipment of the offices are suitable for small and medium companies and also for companies with several hundreds of employees.


After the reconstruction done with the most modern technologies and materials,the once magnificient building reflects its original glory. The U-shape estate is located in the heart of downtown, between the Nagymező street and Hajós street with excellent public transportation. The 870 sqm cozy internal garden is a real gem in the city.

  • Gorgeous historic estate
  • Elegánt work area
  • Exclusive internal garden
  • Restaurant and café in the building
  • Office area: 5600 sqm
  • 800-1200 sqm average floor area
  • 23 parking spaces in the underground garage
  • Storage area of appr. 600 sqm
  • Efficient area utilisation
  • Flexible internal walls
  • 4 elevators
  • 4 m internal height (on average)
  • 24/7 reception
  • Windows which open
  • Capacity for air conditioning and aeriation
  • Excellent public transportation


The multifunction office building is located in the Nagymező street in one of the most dinamically developing area of the district. The street is both a cultural and a business center. The Theater-quarter, the Opera House and the Moulin Rouge are also located here. Due to its location’s excellent public transportation and compelling appearance, Merkur Palace is an excellent choice for any company.

How to get there

Address: 1065 Budapest
Nagymező str. 54-56.

Public transportation

Tram 4-6 (3 min)
Bus 9, 72, 73, 914, 914A, 931, 950, 950A
Metro M3, M1 (5 min)

Property manager

Rita Szabó / AddVal Kft.
Telephone: +36 70 774 8944
E-mail: rita.szabo@addvalgroup.com
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